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Building 21

9:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday

Building 21 is a design space for creativity and innovation to flourish as well as a place to network amongst staff, students, and other like-minded individuals. This design space is one that welcomes people of different academic backgrounds, projects of vastly different disciplines, and overall is an excellent space to be in when creating or inventing new ideas. The space is located at 651 Sherbrooke Street West, right on McGill campus, and has Victorian-Era furniture, ironic considering the revolutionary ideas being developed there. Visit the website for a more detailed description of their services as well as the possibility to book this space for an event.

The Factory

Lorne Trottier Building

The Factory is a hardware design lab located in room 0080 in the Trottier Building. The space is a versatile resource that can be used for personal projects, getting acquainted with new hardware and machinery, or simply just brainstorming ideas with your peers. The lab is student run, specifically by the departments of electrical, computer, and software engineering students. Becoming a member is absolutely free and gives you access to this incredible space for innovation.

EMF Labs

The EMF (Engineering Microcomputing Facilities) labs are the computers labs offered at McGill to assist student with the technology they need for their courses. According to their website, EMF labs are extremely accessible as most of them are open 24/7. There are many different EMF labs, including some in the Trottier Building, McConnell Building, and Wong Building. There are also departmental EMF labs for specific departments like Architecture and chemical design.